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It’s Always Better to Round Em Don’t Pound Em in This Shirt

Gone are the days when cotton button down shirts were difficult to tuck in. Many girls find the button down shirts really hard to maintain, especially the ironing part. Moreover, many girls also complain that a tucked in shirt is sure to work its way out of the pants, making them look like a big balloon. Although the sexy rodeo shirt look is quite hot, it involves great patience and work.

Tips to Avoid Button Down Shirts Tantrums

For working women, the button down Rank Rodeo Brand woman’s shirt is a staple. Many solutions have been created over the years to make an easier job to wear and bear these shirts. Here are some tips by Rank Rodeo Apparel to help you avoid tantrums related to a button down shirt.
  • A tank or cami
  • One good solution is to wear a rodeo tank top or cami under your button down shirt. A full tank might rise up and bunch over your waist. Therefore, go for half rodeo tank tops that are designed to give coverage without adding bulk.
  • The Bunch
  • Another reason why girls avoid tucking in shirts is the bunching up of these shirts inside the pant. Get a shirt lock by Rank Rodeo Threads made from flexible nylon, hook on hook material that is worn over the shirt and inside the pant, about 2” below the waistline. A shirt lock by rodeo apparel grips the shirt as well as the pant, holding the shirt tails down and your pants up.
  • Ironing
  • This is the most common reason for most of the girls to avoid button down shirts. Ironing a cotton shirt is the most difficult task. Many a times, even a steamer doesn’t work on clothing, like shirts, that require a good, firm press to look neat and crisp. It is also not always possible to get them dry cleaned after every wear. For this, Rank Rodeo Clothing brings no-iron shirts. Most of these Rank Rodeo shirts do not need ironing. Just wash, dry, and wear.
  • If you are looking for cool summer wear, then order yourself a few Rank Rodeo Tees for a unique mix of fashion and comfort.
Posted by Rank Rodeo on 9/20/2015

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